Wedding Emotions and Memories Captured with Intention

AlesiaKim Photography photographing a bride and groom as they pose Baton Rouge Wedding Photographer

The bride and her father wait with excited anticipation...

...behind a tree that's shielding them from view as the music begins. As they take the step out from behind the large, southern oak, Greg suddenly feels tears roll down his cheeks as he stands in complete awe that the woman he loves so deeply would spend her life with him. In that moment, Sarah was completely at ease and just basking in the moment because we had planned an AKP Timeline and reviewed it together weeks before my team ever showed up.

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-Kelsey H.

"I highly recommend this wonderful woman!! She goes so far above and behind for her clients and has made me feel so beautiful on my wedding day and even when I took my bridals with her! She's such a beautiful spirit and I'm so thankful for her!"

The AlesiaKim Process

1 Contact Us - Who are you?

We strive to get in touch with you within 48 hours of contacting us to listen and hear all about you and your wants and values. Every couple is different. We want to hear and learn about you not as a client but as a couple that is madly in love. YOU are important and are valued by AKP as a couple. Getting to know you helps us to pose and feature you in your photographs in a way that is true to you and your love.

bride and groom's first kiss at the ceremony

2 Before your Wedding Day

We purposely plan for minimal stress and great peace of mind on your wedding day. Who needs added stress from your photographer on your wedding day? Not you! Each couple gets their own personalized AKP Timeline that we go over with you prior to the wedding day to help you be in the moment and enjoy the day to the fullest.

bridesmaid in pajamas getting ready for wedding
bride getting ready

3 The Big Day

On your wedding day, we diligently work to intentionally capture those candid moments, real smiles, and genuine emotions. Since we have been able to be intentional about getting to know you as a couple, we can make sure that we strive to capture your love with all its personality and vigor.

groom looks at bride

4 Photo Delivery

Part of the AKP Experience includes what we call a "Reveal Celebration." We don't want your photos to only live on social media. We want your memories to be held in the hands of your children and grandchildren. Each one of our couples gets the opportunity to see their photographs in person for the first time preserved as heirlooms for years to come 10-12 weeks after the wedding and just 72 hours before they see their entire wedding gallery. You'll get to see those moments you may have forgotten like how you cried happy tears when you put on your wedding dress. It's easily one of the best parts of the AlesiaKim Experience!

acrylic wall art collection alesiakim photography
wedding albums from AlesiaKim Photography

"The sweetest most professional photographer out there!"

-R. Kliebert


As we were taking the photos, the bride leans to me and says, "Thank you so much for all the posing tips! I'm so glad I'm not completely on my own here! I wouldn't know what to do with my hands!" In that moment, it registers that that's what different about us. Part of the AKP Experience makes sure you feel as comfortable as possible. We make sure that the "Hey, smile at me" photos along with the seemingly candid photos are done with such intentionality and constant guidance that they make the people look their absolute best and purely unposed.

bride and groom laugh before a kiss

Imagine a photographer being there on your wedding day that has wedding expertise and experience that is there to capture your most precious memories. Sounds great, right? That's exactly what we strive to provide with the AlesiaKim Experience! Your wedding photograph worries and structure of the day will be taken care of to provide minimal stress on you. YOU are our priority! Let us capture your real emotions and genuine smiles on your wedding day!

"There were so many moments I had forgotten about or didn’t realize they had captured it until I saw my photos and I was AMAZED!!"

-Abby G.

AlesiaKim Photography Experience

When the bride and groom are there saying their vows, Mom and Dad are there either with smiles or happy tears. It's a big day for them as well and we want you to have those precious moments. We're intentionally capturing it all!

Do you want easily-forgettable photographs with no real emotion? Neither do we.

"We loved our photos!"

-Gale C.

Married my best friend

husband and wife sitting and smiling Baton Rouge wedding photographer

Married my best friend

My husband and I had our very own perfect day back in December of 2017. I'm still crazy about him and thankful I get to spend every day with him.

since 2017

Refining my craft

AlesiaKim Photography owner with camera in hand Baton Rouge wedding photographer

Refining my craft

After doing random events and portraits for almost three years, I loved weddings and decided to focus on capturing once-in-a-liftetime photographs for laid-back, elegant couples and have been doing that ever since.

Fine-tuning my niche


church in New Orleans by Baton Rouge wedding photographers


In 2021, I realized with my growing family I could only serve so many brides by myself. I decided to hand-pick some of the finest, kindest, and most talented artists to expand my reach to serve more clients with the same product and experience.

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